The 3 Day Hormone Recovery Diet Plan

The 3 Day Hormone Recovery Diet Plan

My name is Tania Dee, and I am a Functional Holistic Nutritionist  One of my jobs is to help people reclaim their natural energy and revitalize body, mind, and spirit. Does that sound like something you’ve been hoping for?

Welcome! In this self-paced program, we will dive into the importance of taking care of your digestive system.. and how that plays a role in your hormone health and that feeling of bloat that you are having.

I will share the 3 days of meals planned for you plus my go-to drinks that I used to improve my hormones and lose weight.

Plus My fav smoothie recipes and my go-to snacks that I keep in my fridge so that I am not reaching for those other snacks that are not the best choices. Also, my Eat & Don't eat cheat sheet!

I also included My Hormone Road Blocks Quiz, so you can find out what your symptoms mean.




I am excited to share with you the ways that you can heal your body just as I healed my own body from a lifetime of digestive issues. Always remember you are your own best health advocate.  But sometimes we need a coach or a cheerleader, and that is why am here for you.

By working with me, you are taking control of your health and getting educated on how you can learn to navigate what is right for your unique body.


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